About Jukko


What Is Jukko?


Jukko is a mobile advertising platform with a social impact rewards system. Our platform was built with the ideas of how to use technology for good; good for our advertiser partners, our publisher partners and for the world at-large. Jukko represents more than just an ad tech platform. Rather, it represents a shift in how advertising is viewed in our society, shifting its use to beneficial outcomes instead of detrimental ones.


What Makes Jukko Unique?


Jukko is focused on changing what advertising represents, given how negatively it is viewed in today’s culture (and rightly so). We do this by providing social impact rewards for end users, allowing advertisers to drive more effective engagements and provide quality customer experience while giving publishers a monetization option that maintains the app experience.


How Do I Get Started As An Advertiser?


Sign up through our dashboard (https://dashboard.jukko.com), select the Advertiser account type, fill in account and payment details, and then get started with creating a campaign and associated ad creatives.


How Do I Identify An Ad On The Jukko Network?


Jukko-partnered ads can be identified by the small Jukko logo in the bottom right corner of each ad displayed. Additionally, when a social impact reward is redeemed, additional UI elements are presented to the end user, which are distinct to Jukko. All brands on the Jukko network are companies dedicated to using business as a force for good to improve our world and the future we will leave for the next generations.


How Do Ad Engagements Convert Into User Social Impact?


Our advertiser partners only pay based on a cost-per-click or cost-per-engagement basis, from which a percentage of the ad revenue generated is given back to the user in the form of social impact rewards. Jukko then delivers these funds to our vetted non-profit partners.


You can read more about our current non-profit partners on their sites:



Where Can I Read More About Jukko?


Read more about us on our site (https://jukko.com), our blog (https://jukko.com/blog) or on various social media platforms.

If you need direct assistance, please reach out to us anytime