How To Get Started



1. Create an Account


Sign up through our dashboard portal and select the “Advertiser” account type.


2. Fill Out Your Profile


Provide basic details such as name and company along with your preferred payment method.


3. Build a Campaign


Our campaign set up tab makes it easy to create a campaign with all of your desired parameters, including region, start/end date, budget caps and more.


4. Create Your Ad Content


Select your desired campaign for ad content, then go about using our ad creator tools and templates to make your brand content. Choose from a variety of ad templates with different orientations, upload images, and logos and write in ad copy.


5. Launch Campaign


Once you’ve created enough ads for an upcoming campaign, your campaign will launch on the start date you specified. All campaign parameters and ad content can be reviewed at any time within the Campaigns tab of the advertiser dashboard.

If you need direct assistance, please reach out to us anytime