Consumers spent

Consumer Time Spent in Mobile Apps

Time spent in apps is increasingly on the rise. For US adults, over 2.5 hours a day are now spent within the confines of mobile apps. The share of consumer time spent with media via mobile is increasing (up to 29% for mobile, compared to 36% for TV, 18% for desktop, and 13% for radio), but mobile advertising spending still lags behind relative to time spent.

Ultimately, it comes down to providing relevant, memorable and rewarding experiences for consumers on mobile, as discussed in our recent article (“Mobile Advertising Distrust”). The lag in mobile ad spend relative to mobile usage can only be explained by the fact that mobile advertising companies have yet to crack the code on how to provide quality experiences for consumers to engage with brands on mobile. While mobile commerce for the US market will increase 200+% between 2016 and 2021 and while in-app ad spend will see a similar growth trajectory, the key will continue to be: How can brands engage with interested customers effectively on mobile.

Advertising on mobile is tricky business, given natural limitations of screen size and greater feelings of “disruption.” Mobile devices are extremely personal. They have become the centers of our universes. The opportunities for advertising on mobile are increasing, but we as advertising technology companies, advertisers and publishers must take the utmost care in providing ad experiences that don’t breach the trust of mobile consumers. Moreover, we should aim to provide positive experiences on mobile. Experiences that provide excitement and joy. At the end of the day, that’s what we all are seeking.