Consumer Desire to Use Technology for Good

Technology for good has become a somewhat overused phrase in recent years, but providing tech experiences that help solve world problems or bring joy to people is at the core of the concept. (Hacker Noon wrote a useful working description of “tech for good” in a recent Medium post). These types of technology experiences are becoming increasingly sought after among users, with 81% stating they desire tech experiences with a social impact purpose in a recent 2018 study. In other words, the consumer shift toward purchasing from socially-conscious brands of all industries also applies to technology. Because ultimately, time is the most invaluable asset we possess and all technologies are vying for our finite set of time and attention. The growth of many “tech for good” companies across various industries speaks to the opportunities to create differentiated experiences for users that drive business value. We want to highlight a few of the many companies that provide exemplary cases.


Ecosia, a search engine, plants trees as a result of profit generated from searches and search engine ads. With over 7 million active users, the search engine has planted 36+ million trees to date, partnering with local nonprofits around the world to do so. Their tree counter within the search engine provides the user feedback on the number of trees their usage of the search engine has generated. In addition to tree planting, they are also adamant about protecting user privacy, unlike the major search engine players. Through anonymized searches and the company’s stance against the sale of search data to advertising companies, Ecosia stands by its mission to use technology that positively impacts the world. The reward has been noteworthy year over year growth in its user base.

Atlas Run:

Atlas Run provides a great test case within the health and wellness space. Through logging of exercise (running, biking, walking) users earn money towards impact projects around the world. This idea isn’t new, but the company has created a growing community of users who get incentivized to exercise through the social impact they create by doing so.


DoneGood provides a curated platform of socially-conscious brands for consumers to select from, allowing consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions in alignment with their values. DoneGood’s recommendations algorithm, which provides socially-conscious brand alternatives when on company sites, is particularly noteworthy.

At Jukko, our mission is to use mobile advertising as a tool for building empathy and empowering users to make an impact in the world. With great user disdain and distrust of mobile advertising, the opportunities to provide more interesting, engaging and impactful experiences to more effectively monetize is what we are building upon.