Consumer Interest In Purpose-Driven Brands

Unique Ad Inventory, For a Better User Experience


A fundamental shift in our society is underway. Consumers are no longer basing purchasing decisions solely on price and quality, as was standard practice over the course of many decades. They are increasingly basing purchasing decisions based on the brand’s value and social impact (we have dubbed this the “Third Factor”). Some recent statistics illustrate the magnitude of this transformation: 90% of consumers have stated their willingness to switch to a socially-conscious brand given comparable price and quality, while 66% are willing to pay more for sustainable goods. This consumer shift is one of the most influential transformations in business over the last century. It is fundamentally transforming the way consumers view their role in the world and what they expect from companies seeking to gain their loyalty and trust.


So what does this mean for in-app advertising?


Given most users find in-app ads annoying and disruptive, which results in lower ad engagement along with a worsened user experience and lower lifetime value, this is an opportunity to change the advertising value proposition for end users. Provide users with unique ad inventory in alignment with their growing interest to use their purchasing power for good. And in doing so, users will welcome these ads as a channel for discovering socially-conscious brands they can purchase from. This emphasis on ad inventory from socially-conscious brands, along with Jukko’s Social Impact Rewards system, is an untapped strategy for improving advertising for users, with all the positive effects for publisher monetization falling out from this.