The Future Of Advertising Is Here


Using Advertising To Create A More Prosperous World


Jukko was built to transform the advertising world to serve humanity. In doing so, to help the companies doing the most good take over the world. The core component of the Jukko network connects consumers with Purpose-driven brands and provides social impact rewards when they engage with our brand partners. We empower consumers to make the world better, allowing our brand partners to serve and to empower, rather than sell.


There is an incredible transformation taking shape in our world society: We are more fundamentally viewing our lives under the lens of making a positive impact in our communities and the world at-large. There’s a new level of consciousness and interconnectedness, returning us back to what it means to be human.


Jukko taps into this transformation, providing ways for individuals to make a greater positive impact, both through direct impact and purchasing decisions.


The world is bombarded by advertising, so Jukko provides the framework to create differentiated, positive and joyful experiences that stand out. In doing so, our Purpose-driven brand partners drive more meaningful, more emotional and more effective mobile brand experiences. Our publisher partners more effectively monetize their apps.


The next step on this journey is to build up our inventory from our Purpose-driven brand partners, in order to have sufficient scale for integrating with publisher partners. We’ve garnered such great feedback from our early partners. The most important takeaway has been: If we’re going to transform the world, we must make the little steps easy, efficient and effective.


Advertising is an intrinsically powerful tool used to manipulate people and culture. We’re focused on using its innate power to bring about a more prosperous future.

Phase One

Create The Framework

Build The Network Framework.

Status: Completed

Build the core network components. Get feedback from early brand partners, our early publisher partners and the market. Plan out the more robust product development plan.

Update The Network Framework

Status: Completed

Update user experience. Update partner features. Improve network performance. Improve partner ease-of-use. Get feedback from all parties once again throughout.

Phase Two

Launch This Puppy

Get Our Early Purpose-Driven Brand Partners Set Up

Status: In Progress

In order to launch Jukko, we must first get our brand partners set up within the platform. Sufficient ad inventory is needed before integrating the network with publishers, as a diversity of ad content is needed for a great user experience.

Integrate With Early Publisher Partners

Status: Upcoming

Integrate the network with publisher apps to bring it to life. Next, we can start building out a more expanded set of features based on feedback from our partners and data from our users.

Phase Three

Build The Movement

Make The Platform More Robust

Status: Upcoming

For our brand and publisher partners, more advanced ad type options, greater customization and more advanced ad decision logic. For end users, greater impact rewards options, more expansive UI components and more impact-related content. For the network as a whole, improved performance and greater scale.

Strive For Transformational Change

Status: Always

We will never have all the answers, but that won’t stop us from staying curious and working diligently to provide experiences that deliver for our partners and make the world just a little bit better.