Ad Monetization For Social Good

Jukko is your ad network partner for improving your ad experience and driving more revenue, all while making the world a better place.

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Monetization that better serves your app, your user base & the planet.

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Drive higher ad engagement and revenue through social impact rewards.

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Deliver unique inventory from purpose-driven brands.

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Customize and integrate based on your monetization objectives.

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The question is not: How we improve ad tech? The question is: How do we improve the ad experience? We’re about transforming the advertising experience to better serve our publishers, people and planet.

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Why Jukko.

Ads that live up to the quality of your user experience
Premium inventory from purpose-driven brands and clean ad styles turn your in-app ads into inspiring and enjoyable experiences.
Social impact rewards
With ad engagements converting into social impact, Jukko provides just another reason to come back to your app and engage with ad content.
Integrate for your goals
Integrate and customize the Jukko SDK for your objectives, from frequency capping to placements and more.
Payouts that put publishers first
Net-30 payments for our publisher partners, plus with the added benefit of, the more ad revenue, the more social impact created.
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Common questions we are asked

What ad types are supported?
We support full-screen interstitial ad types, providing templates to our ad partners to ensure each ad is clean, simple and aesthetically appealing.
What brand inventory does Jukko provide?
We partner with purpose-driven brands using business for good. These are the brands consumers want to buy from and Jukko delivers these brands as inventory for your in-app advertising.
What does the integration look like?
Integrate in no time while customizing ad frequency capping and more. Our SDKs support iOS, Android and Unity and we’re always available for creating more tailored integrations.
Why social impact and purpose-driven brands?
Our world needs inspiration and positivity to address the endemic problems we are facing. Being a part of social impact and discovering brands using business for good is how we do it.

There was no scalable advertising platform serving the purpose-driven brand movement.
Until now.

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