The Impact Platform for Purpose-Driven Brands

Every campaign matters with Jukko. Every campaign creates social impact. Every campaign delivers results.

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Embed social impact into your advertising.

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Premium in-app placements.

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The premier purpose-driven in-app ad network.

Thanks to our publishers and brand partners, we’ve planted

and counting...

Thanks to our publishers & partners, we’ve planted

and counting...

Jukko is here to serve.

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Our Mission

We use the power of advertising to create positive social impact on a massive scale.

We do it for humanity, for all living beings and for the planet. For our publisher and brand partners, who are the heroes of this movement. For a more responsible, sustainable and beautiful world.

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Our Solution

Jukko is at the nexus of the purpose-driven brand movement and in-app advertising.

Direct deals with major in-app publishers provide the audience. Differentiated ad content in clean styles from purpose-driven brands results in more effective monetization. Our social impact rewards embeds Purpose into every experience.

Jukko makes it easy for advertisers to create campaigns and content that resonates. And for publishers to integrate and customize the network based on their objectives.

Our network is always working hard to ensure brand content is being shared to the most receptive audience.

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Our Impact

We are much more in the business of impact than being another ad tech company.

We use the power of advertising to help our publisher partners achieve better results, to help purpose-driven brands take over the world and to create direct social impact around the world.

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4reasons why purpose-driven advertising is the next big thing

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of consumers are more loyal to purpose-driven brands.

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desire technology and brand experiences with social impact.

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By a 2 to 1
margin, people prefer in-app ads over social ads.

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say its more important than ever to support purpose-driven companies.

Ad creation platform - simplicity at its finest

Make beautiful content with easy drag-and-drop tools. Select from a variety of templates to do your magic. We dont want you worrying about creating ads. We need you changing the world.

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Ashley Paguyo El Shourbagy


Lucy & Co + Dogs Of Instagram

Advertising with purpose at the core

At Lucy & Co, we believe that brands need to have a reason for existence. People need to understand that mission and connect it to meaning in their lives. So, brands must articulate their ethos and greater good through intentional selection of where they place their ad spend.

Fresh from Jukko

Fresh from Jukko

There was no scalable advertising platform serving the purpose-driven brand movement.
Until now.

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