We’re here to transform an industry
by connecting social impact
and mobile advertising.

Revamp your mobile advertising and
monetization strategy.
For good.

Every minute on your mobile device is an opportunity to give.

With Jukko, time spent on mobile becomes real world change, empowering users while providing
purposeful solutions for brands and app publishers.

– Building something new –

Jukko Does Things Different

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1. Learn About Brands Doing Good In The World

With a growing percentage of consumers looking to buy from socially-responsible companies,
we work with brand partners that are committed to doing the most good.

2. Get Rewarded and Empower Communities

Ad engagements result in contributions toward vital nonprofit projects.
Each engagement counts and we show our users their progress along the way.

3. See The Impact You’ve Made

Once a goal is achieved, you will learn about the community being impacted,
the location, the benefits, and much more.

– Experience –

Why Jukko?

Forge Loyal Customers

Create enthusiastic and loyal customers by giving them the power to improve communities around the world and showing them how your company makes a difference. Jukko furthers your social responsibility and targeted advertising objectives simultaneously, unlike any other advertising option.

Monetize Effectively

Provide your app users a transformational experience and never worry about intrusive ads again. Jukko gives you the power to monetize while maintaining the user experience.

We are on a mission to bring impact to the world through mobile.

Discover how Jukko can drive impactful results.