How We're Changing Advertising in 2020

2020 is the year for purpose-driven revolution. 

As companies and consumers become more and more passionate about lowering their carbon footprint and doing the most good, we’re working to connect them through a more humane technology platform: in-app advertising. 

Sure, in-app advertising isn’t that new. But our commitment to using it for good is. We’re not here to trick you into buying products you don’t actually want or need. We’re here to help you vote with your dollars and find companies that believe in the same things you do, whether it’s ending human trafficking, removing plastic from our oceans, or paying a fair wage to laborers all over the world. 

Mobile devices now play a key role in our everyday lives, so it makes sense that mobile ads do, too. According to industry experts, mobile video ads will continue to take over our screens as more users shift their eyes from their TV sets to watch their favorite shows on mobile apps. Other experts predict that native ads will continue to see significant momentum, offering users even more seamless experiences. 

We’re here to help purpose-driven brands create that seamless experience for audiences to help companies and consumers do the most good. We’re here to build your trust. And we’re just getting started.